Specialty chemical and gases management specialist, A-Gas, has launched a new, interactive website for its customers in South Africa.

The new online portal from the South African branch of the corporation features essential information about the company’s product analysis and laboratory services, aiming to make it easier for mobile engineers to access refrigerant data.

Michael Labacher, Sales Manager at A-Gas South Africa, explained, “The new mobile-friendly website is easy to use and has a supplier link for all refrigerants which allows engineers on the road to find their local A-Gas supplier quickly and easily.”

“The website has a valuable resource centre which directly links to a system supplying Material Safety Data Sheets for all our products. In addition to this, the website also allows users to download key technical information including pressure temperature charts for our refrigerants.”

The site also contains a dedicated webpage called ‘The Regulatory Zone,’ which gives up-to-date changes on the law concerning refrigerants and health and safety, as well as offering recovery, reclamation and disposal advice.

A gas south africa website