A brand new bespoke service that plans to revolutionise the way the refrigeration industry recovers used refrigerants has been launched today in the UK.

A-Gas UK, the leading supplier of speciality chemicals and gases, has unveiled its new mobile recovery service at a special launch event held at its headquarters in Bristol.

Rapid Recovery is a high-speed, F-Gas compliant, reclamation service for recovering refrigerant gases from existing refrigerant systems. In the UK, refrigerant gases are classified as a hazardous waste and by law must be disposed of in an environmentally appropriate way. For the refrigerant engineer, the biggest challenge they face is the time it takes do this.

Speaking exclusively at the launch today, A-Gas UK Managing Director John Ormerod explained, “The current equipment is very slow, especially if the system we’re recovering is slightly larger. In most cases the process can take hours and even days. That’s the challenge we’ve been tackling here at A-Gas. Anything that can be done to free up the engineer’s time so that they can go on to do more important, value added activities is worthwhile. Our new technology can recover approximately 10 times faster than traditional recovery units.”

A-Gas Rapid Recovery demonstration

An A-Gas operator also brings cylinders to the job during the service, saving valuable time and money. The equipment is independent of services like power, is portable and with 200ft hoses can reach RAC units wherever they are.

“The service is being launched in five locations: The South West of England, London, the Midlands, the M62 corridor and Scotland. Depending on demand, additional vehicles and resources may also be added,” continued Ormerod.

Rapid Recovery provides recovery services to a wide range of industries, including refrigeration, HVAC, demolition, and marine. The rapid recovery team will take care of all aspects of the job from start to finish including the hazardous waste documentation.

The equipment has been tried and tested in the US and the results have been impressive with contractors reporting a quick turn around on job.

A-Gas acquired US-based business Rapid Recovery last year. The mobile technolgy was initially launched in the States, but A-Gas realised that a similar service was in high demand in the UK.

“Timing has been quite interesting,” said Ormerod. “We bought this business a year ago in the US. The F-Gas regulations in Europe came into effect in 2015 and it’s probably taken a couple of years since then for the industry to start to understand the scale of the work we must do here to get away from the legacy of refrigerants. So, the timing is crucial.”

Moving forward, A-Gas will launch the Rapid Recovery service in Australia and then main land Europe.