A-Gas, headquartered in the UK, has signed a Global ENABLESM Premier Agreement with Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc., which will enable it to distribute Matheson brand products.

A-Gas is the leading independent global specialist blender, re-packer and distributor of specialty gases and chemicals to the refrigeration and insulation foam industries, primarily focusing on environmentally acceptable replacement products for chlorofluorocarbon gases and liquids.

It has been officially announced that the company has signed the ENABLESM Premier Programme, designed for distributors seeking a committed business relationship with Matheson Tri-Gas.

The programme provides many benefits, including access to Matheson Tri-Gas training, technical services and marketing assistance.

John Nicolson, Director of Business Development at A-Gas commented, $quot;We believe this is an exciting opportunity as it leverages the local expertise of A-Gas and the global expertise of Matheson Tri-Gas for the benefit of the customer.”

“A-Gas success is based on developing and maintaining long-term strategic partnerships with key customers and suppliers, and ensuring that we are flexible to their respective needs and objectives.”

Mary K. Smickenbecker, Corporate Vice President of Marketing at Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. said, $quot;We are pleased to have finalised this agreement with A-Gas furthering our global expansion efforts through the ENABLEsm Programme.$quot;