As your focal point for global industrial gas news, views and intelligence, as your eyes and ears, mouthpiece and partner, we are closely following the continued outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the impact this is having on the markets.

More specifically, we’re monitoring the impact on you and your business, and how we can support you during these challenging times.

We knew 2020 would be a significant year for our industry, for you.

We knew that Helium Shortage 3.0 would continue to play out; we knew too that by the close of September 2020 we would have just one year left of the BLM Pipeline on the commercial helium market; we knew hydrogen and other alternative fuels would make great progress towards their necessary tipping points; and we expected that so many other key dynamics in the industry would continue to shape the year for us all.

None of us could have foreseen, however, quite what a significant year this would prove to be for all the wrong reasons. Or, at the very least, all the challenging reasons.

We have seen events fall by the wayside across the globe, including our own, business travel and trade restrictions enforced, and challenges in how we all conduct our business. This is the new normal for us all for the weeks and months ahead, and at gasworld we recognise that our conventional meetings in person will be severely limited in this period.

Yet we remain committed – more than ever before – to providing the most effective and engaging platforms for our industry, to best support our clients and friends around the world. We continue to identify the means to help your business not just survive but thrive during these difficult days.

Communication has never been more important – from the office to the remote worker, from the supplier to the customer, from producer to end-user, from one part of the world to another. Finding new means of communicating is the order of the day, while returning to those tried and tested – and trusted – channels is just as important.

At gasworld we have those channels, from monthly magazines that deliver a promotional punch in print to up-to-the-minute digital newsletters and content delivery online, and our respected range of annual products – from Yearbooks to Directories. We’re determined to keep investing in those products, to keep innovating and adding value, and to keep giving you the best, most informative, most accessible and engaging promotional platform for your company.

If you need information, we will have it. If you need intelligence, we can provide it. If your company needs a vehicle to deliver its own messages, then we are driving it.

We don’t know how long this new normal will last, it may be weeks, it may be months. What we do know is that we keep to our deadlines, to our publishing frequencies, and we are committed to maintaining the level of service you expect from us. Our teams are already working remotely, and we have not seen any change in our delivery. We are more committed than ever before, at a time when using our proven platforms has never been more important.

This is about the long haul, about the right fusion of new and proven means of communications, and we look forward to doing everything we can to support you in the months ahead.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we could do for you.

Rob Cockerill

Global Managing Editor

gasworld / H2 View