When gasworld hosted its first ever CO2 Summit in Austria in March 2017, the emphasis was on bridging the supply gap as some regions expected to experience significant supply-demand imbalance in the years ahead. It was a breakthrough event, arguably the first of its kind, and yet the significance of this gathering has only grown in the two years that have followed as supply chain concerns have snowballed.

As anticipated, supply has become such a significant issue that the CO2 Summit stage returned to Austria in March (2019) to discuss the high-profile CO2 (carbon dioxide) shortages of 2018 across Europe and the drive for alternative sourcing. Industry giants, CO2 producers, equipment manufacturers and high-profile end-users enlightened a sell-out event of 140 delegates from 29 different countries about market concerns, strategies and new technologies at the event in the mountains of Innsbruck.

The likes of The Coca-Cola Company, Heineken, Global Thermostat, CarbonCure, Climeworks, Linde Engineering and Air Liquide offered insight on subjects ranging from the historic supply chain through to alternative sourcing, applications and utilisation, and end-user perspectives on the market. All of which were all the more prominent topics given the CO2 shortages of nine months earlier.

The summer of 2018 will be remembered for that carbon dioxide crisis in Europe and Mexico, but significant concerns remain in the US too, where lower annual capacity growth is not keeping pace with voracious CO2 demand. A precariously tight balance exists, particularly during times of planned and unplanned plant outages and seasonal demand spikes and price increases.

With this in mind, and by popular demand, gasworld brings the CO2 Summit stage to the North American market for the first time this October to tackle these supply dynamics, the rampant applications growth and the drive for A More Strategic Supply Chain in the future.

To be held from 8th – 9th October at The Conrad Hotel in Indianapolis, a regional hub for CO2 distributors, the North American CO2 Summit 2019 will provide a platform for much-needed discussion on future sourcing and supply routes, the need for which is arguably more pressing than ever before.

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Players need to strategically plan for future sources to alleviate tight supply and match future demand growth. At the same time, industry as a whole is in the spotlight to reduce its carbon footprint and has never been more conscious of its environmental responsibilities, giving added weight to cleaner alternative sourcing technologies such as Direct Air Capture (DAC) and CO2 recovery. The Summit will also explore the new, the trending and the traditional applications which are driving such strong CO2 demand. Topics for discussion and debate will include:

  • Ethanol/bioethanol markets and CO2
  • CO2 supply in Mexico
  • CO2 sourcing from natural wells
  • Alternative sourcing and new CO2 ‘marketplaces’
  • Food and beverages and CO2
  • Carbonated beverages and end-user perspectives
  • Trends in dry ice markets
  • Supercritical CO2 and zero-emission electricity production
  • CO2 utilisation

Speakers and chairs already confirmed to participate in the Summit include:

  • Rohit Thawani, Global Procurement Director at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Chris Ebeling, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, US Bulk, at Messer Americas
  • Miguel Wheelock, Owner at AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • Brett Henkel, Co-Founder & VP, Strategic Accounts & Government Affairs at Inventys
  • Sam A. Rushing, Advanced Cryogenics,
  • Gary Robson, Sure Purity and ISBT
  • Damian Beauchamp 8 Rivers/NET Power
  • John Raquet, gasworld

The event will provide invaluable networking opportunities between gas suppliers, end-users and equipment innovators alike. Experts from a variety of companies will be on hand to speak on applications and production technologies – either during the Summit itself or via an exhibition programme that will include no less than 20 technology innovators and key players. Already signed up to showcase their services and solutions are:

  • CO2 Meter
  • Analytical Science & Technologies (AS&T)
  • Norris Cylinder Company
  • Unisensor
  • TOMCO2 Systems
  • Pulsa
  • Hirlekar Precision
  • ASCO Carbon Dioxide
  • Cold Jet

Interest in the event is high, with almost all speakers and chairs already signed up, as well as almost half of the available promotional exhibitor positions taken and an associate sponsor in the form of ASCO Carbon Dioxide, with months still to go. Against a backdrop of shifting sourcing and demand dynamics and continued shortages in Mexico, what better time to join a carefully targeted, unrivalled gathering of the CO2 business and take part in such crucial discussion and debate?

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