The PTR-TOF 1000 ultra is the new benchmark for ultra-sensitive volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis in real-time. Integrated in an affordable, small, and light PTR-TOFMS instrument.

In 2014 the launch of the PTR-TOF 1000 was a milestone. It is IONICON’s first PTR-TOFMS instrument featuring all advantages of a time of flight mass spectrometer, but with the lower price tag of a quadrupole based PTR-MS. Driven by the market success of this instrument, the IONICON engineers created an instrument that provides an up 10x higher sensitivity: the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra. Based on the same platform it is still IONICON’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable ultrasensitive PTR-TOFMS trace gas analyzer.

PTR-MS is known for its unmatched capability to detect ultra-low concentrations of VOCs in air or gas in real-time. Now IONICON experts take the sensitivity of PTR-MS to the next level, introducing the ION-BOOSTER funnel technology. An ion funnel is an array of ring electrodes with decreasing orifice sizes. A RF-voltage is applied that focuses the ions through the lenses. Compared to traditional transfer lens systems, our funnel greatly improves ion transmission leading to a much higher sensitivity.

Upgrade availability

For IONICON, customer satisfaction and a sustainable, reliable product development process is key. “We make sure that new technologies become available also for our existing customer base. New products should not automatically outdate existing instruments and therefore we offer upgrades for selected IONICON instruments,” IONICON CEO Lukas Märk comments on the company’s technology evolution strategy.

For selected IONICON instruments upgrades to the ION-BOOSTER funnel technology will become available. Currently upgrade packages are being conceived for the PTR-TOF 1000/2000/8000 series.