With the news that CEFRANK and Black Teknigas have joined forces to service and supply the European gas business, gasworld asks, what will the deal mean for those customers in the region?

Black Teknigas is a leading manufacturer of combustion, industrial, and medical gas control equipment in the UK. Meanwhile CEFRANK, based in Sydney, Australia, provides a range of independently designed cylinder bundles, pallets and filling systems.

Together, the two companies hope to synthesise their expertise in gas cylinder equipment systems and deliver a ‘new dimension to its European supply and services’.

In an exclusive Anglo-Australian mini interview with gasworld magazine, CEFRANK and Black Teknigas explain the motives and benefits behind the deal.

James Clark, High Pressure Sales Manager at Black Teknigas, said, “Now that Black Teknigas and CEFRANK have joined forces, it means our new offering is tailor made to meet the ever-growing requirements of the global gas industry.”

Lara Cory, Sales & Marketing Manager at CEFRANK Engineering, was just as enthusiastic and added, “We feel they can bring a new dimension to our European supply and services, with their many years of experience and solid reputation.”

So what does the new venture entail? Black Teknigas will provide the key design, development, manufacture and supply of the manifolds for CEFRANK’s revolutionary modular cylinder bundle. It’s hoped that the tie-up will provide a unique alternative within the market.

Clark explains, “The European industry can now benefit from two market leaders coming together to serve the industry with a new groundbreaking supply concept that is designed to meet the needs of the European gas industry in the 21st century.”

And what can individual clients look forward to as a result of the deal?

“With the ever-continued drive towards higher pressures such as 450 bar and more stringent standards, our combined know-how and expertise will allow European customers to meet these challenges head on, safe in the knowledge that CEFRANK and Black Teknigas will be there supporting them all the way,” Clark added.

Cory concluded, “The gas companies in Europe can look forward to an unsurpassed quality of product and innovative, forward thinking designs and applications.”

“With Black Teknigas standing in our corner, we have superior confidence that our groundbreaking system will be embraced by the compressed gas market of Europe.”