South African Afrox has commissioned a 3,3 million rand scientific gas mixing and filling system at its Germiston plant.

This plant is capable of producing mixtures to an accuracy measured by parts per million, with up to 20 different components per mix. These mixes are selected from a range of some 350 different routinely required hydrocarbon, inorganic and atmospheric gases.

The new facility has the capacity to produce 750 cylinders of high value, specialised gas mixtures a month.

The scientific gases produced at the new facility are commonly used as calibration standards in laboratories across a spectrum of southern African industry sectors, including petrochemical, automotive, general manufacturing, food and beverage, mining and agriculture.

Alex Wasielewski, general business manager for Afrox's special products division, says Afrox took the decision to invest in the new technology in response to an upsurge in demand for these gases arising from increasing requirements on companies to, for example, adhere to statutory emission levels and manage in-line quality control processes in production.

\\$quot;Another factor was the need to boost our capability to manage the mounting complexity of scientific gas mixtures.\\$quot;

Production manager Derylynne Fouché, said: \\$quot;The calibration gases and mixtures we supply ensure credible and traceable standards. Afrox is now capable of preparing a large range of mixtures with virtually infinite and always accurately repeatable permutations.

\\$quot;While most of the mixes we're preparing at the moment are routine customer recipes, made to individual customers' specific tolerance requirements, we're flexible enough to be able to supply specialised once-off mixtures as well and do so every day.

\\$quot;We view our materials as scientific reagents and from this standpoint we ensure ISO audited end to end quality assurance, traceability to recognised global standards, both analytical and gravimetric certification and supply end user safety and health information.\\$quot;