LINDE has introduced a fully automatic continuous blasting plant at VW with nozzle for production of dry ice.

According to Linde gas Business division Jet cleaning with dry ice has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In contrast to traditional cleaning methods, there is no need to dispose of the blast products, such as glass fragments, chemicals or water. Because of particular physical properties of dry ice as a blast product, this is an environmentally friendly, efficient, cost-effective process.

Traditional dry ice applications have so far worked with pellets as large as a grain of rice, produced pelletizers, as they are called. Now Linde AG based near Munich, has implemented a more advanced technology in practice. In a fully automated continuous blasting plant, tiny particles are produced in a nozzle.

The manufacture, transport and filling of the pellets are thus no longer necessary, and there is no need to store the pellets locally, which was always fraught with problems since pellets cannot be used infinitely for blasting.

The first of these plants, which meet the increasing requirements in the area of surface treatment, has already proved successful in the motor industry. At Volkswagen AG, in the Braunschweig plant, it is used for mould cleaning.

Partnership and expertise
Volkswagen\\$quot;s newly constructed light alloy centre in the Braunschweig plant is a very innovative production centre, and so VW was keen to install a further innovation in the area of cast mould cleaning and processing.

The work stages that had so far been carried out by three partial plants (jet blasting with manual finishing, heating up and relining) were to be brought together in one unit. Thus the initial task of implementing an extremely gentle cleaning process that could be easily automated soon turned into the challenge of building the world\\$quot;s first combined casting mould cleaning and reprocessing unit.

Linde met the company\\$quot;s expectations: not only is it one of the world\\$quot;s leading gases manufacturer-it is also a reliable partner for its customer that can supply complete technologies and systems. \\$quot;In this system, Linde provided all the technical features that meet our high standards of health and safety at work and ergonomics\\$quot;, confirms Elmar Walter from the VW Light Alloy Centre in Braunschweig.