UK-based Witt Gas Techniques has enhanced its range of gas safety relief valves by introducing the new SV809 and SV810 models to vent excess gas pressures up to 100 bar in storage tanks, receivers, vessels, pipelines and other gas storage systems used in a wide variety of industries.

The company said: "Until recently these spring loaded, direct acting safety valves were only available for pressures ranging from 0,5 \\$quot;“ 45 bar. The new models are suitable for all pressure levels between 45 and 100 bar covering a wide range of gases. The SV810 model also has manual venting so that the safety function can be checked after the valve has been fitted."

The gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier also says the opening pressure for each valve can be set by Witt Gas engineers to meet on-site requirements. The valves are small in size, are easy to install, are available in either brass or stainless steel and can be fitted in any orientation. An adapter for connecting the safety valve to a ventilation pipe is also available.

The operational temperature range for these valves is from -196°C to approx. +150°C. They can be supplied with a range of inlet connections, with or without a condensation outlet and a protective dust cap.