A-OX Welding Supply has said it is adapting to a new set of guidelines as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Headquartered in South Dakota, A-OX Welding said it is taking multiple action to keep its team healthy so it can continue to manufacture and package essential gases for its community.

In a general statement, Kelly Kleinwolterink, Vice-President of A-OX Welding Supply said, “As a leading provider of medical gases for our region, A-OX understands how important it is to prevent interruption in supply to hospitals and healthcare facilities during the current COVID-19 outbreak.”

“You will see optimisation in our processes to achieve our primary goals of maintaining gas supply and reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2.”

“We are intimately familiar with the healthcare system and understand not only how important medical gas supply is, but why a massive rush on health facilities could overwhelm out system,” Kleinwolterink explains.

In a message to its vendors, A-OX Welding explained that it is still shipping and receiving products but decontamination procedures apply.

Addressing its delivery customers, the company has said that it is continuing to supply compressed gases and will notify its customers if disruptions occur.

A-OX Welding has however said that it is experiencing difficulty in the supply of products related to the outbreak such as manufacturing and painting PPE (face masks, latex gloves etc.)

“Effective immediately, we will suspend sales calls to customers unless necessary and we are temporarily exempting signature requirements on all orders to prevent contact between drivers and customers.”

For its walk-in customers, the company has said it is restricting public access into all retail locations. In order to protect the health of its employees and community, A-OX Welding has asked that customers call ahead for orders so they can be prepared.

“Let’s all do what’s best for our family and community by taking advantage of the technology we have at our fingertips and staying up to date on guidelines.”