'Zdrastvootya' from gasworld in Moscow, where we have enjoyed a successful first day of the 9th International Specialized Exhibition, Cryogen-Expo.

Taking place between the 9th and 11th November, this year's event demonstrates not only the growth of the cryogenic industry, but the dynamism of emerging markets and particularly those in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Cryogen-Expo has become an annual fixture not to be missed by professionals involved in cryogenics. It was first established in 2002 with a modest contingency of some twenty-five exhibiting followers. Since then it has excelled, offering attendees the chance to converse with over 70 exhibitors and enjoy the latest scientific seminars.

The three-day exhibition was opened by a cortege of the most elite variety. This included, Vladimir Bannikov, Director General for Mir Expo, Alexander Ivanov, President of the International Academy of Refrigeration and Dominique Bertoncini, General Director of Air Liquide Russia.

During the opening ceremony, Ivan Arkharov, Doctor of Science, Professor and Chairman of the Organising Committee for Cryogen-Expo, described the particular significance of this year's event. He remarked, $quot;The 9th International Specialised Exhibition, $quot;Cryogen-Expo$quot; is being held in the same year as the 180th anniversary of N E Bauman Moscow State University and the 90th anniversary of the Faculty of Refrigeration and Cryogenic Technology, Environmental Control and Life-Support Systems.$quot;

$quot;Under the auspices of the management, 'Cryogen-Expo' is living up to its ideals, which are to help develop cryogenic engineering and apply innovative cryogenic technologies to different branches of industry and medicine.$quot;

Arkharov added, $quot;The exhibition provides an opportunity to become acquainted with advanced technologies and production samples, to generalise and use national and foreign experience of cryogenic development for the benefits of industrial consumers... It has attracted more than 70 exhibitors from Russia, Germany, France, USA, Italy, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Ukraine and Belarus this year. The expo has not only continued to show positive dynamics, but has also expanded its area by 15%.$quot;

In addition to the trade fair, delegates have the opportunity to attend a series of one-off seminars, delivered by key thinkers from both industry and academia. Prior to the trade fair, exhibition organiser, Mir Expo curated the International scientific conference, 'Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Industrial Gases, Air Condition and Life Support Systems.'

Similarly, day two witnessed an international research constabulary gather to discuss, 'New achievements in Practical Medical Cryology.' At the time of going to press, the two final days are still to come and offer equally prestigious treats, including the 7th International Practical-Research Conference, titled 'Cryogenic Technologies and Equipment. Prospects and Development.'

General Director, Bertoncini also observed an increase in participants at this year’s event and illustrating Air Liquide’s commitment to the emerging Russian market, he said, “This year, Air Liquide celebrates its five year anniversary of involvement with gases in Russia. Over the next year, four new ASUs are being built in the region; we have invested €300m euros in this and employed over 250 people.$quot;

Bertoncini continued, $quot;However, five year's of presence in Russia is only the beginning, Air Liquide plans to invest approximately €1bn in the region by 2015. The company understands the importance of the development of new technology, applications, and young talents.$quot;

Indeed, delegates from WITT Gasetechnik’s Regional Manager, Alexey Borodulin, to Cryo Gas System’s Director General, Konstantin Ivanov, were eager to extol the virtues of the Russian market describing it as both fast growing and extremely exciting. Nevertheless in a country which operates on a very different business frequency from its western counterparts, the most apt statement was perhaps that of Alexander Mazin, Head of Public Relations at Cryogenmash.

He concluded optimistically, “This is a very interesting year for the Russian market.”