Carbon dioxide (CO2) solutions provider ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD helped technology innovator ABB Group to develop a new product with its dry ice blasting technology.

As a leading supplier of energy and automation technology, ABB supplies systems and solutions for industrial companies and public utilities. The company employed Switzerland-based ASCO’s dry ice blasting machine for automated mould cleaning during a recent product development process.

During ABB’s product development, its team battled with residues of release agent on the casting mould of its test piece during silicon removing processes. As a result, a primer could not adhere to the test piece and halted subsequent production steps.

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Source: ASCO

ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology


Therefore, ABB employed ASCO’s ASCOJET Dry Ice Blasting Technology to deliver a clean contact surface for easy primer application without leaving abrasive residues.

The blasting nozzle of ASCO’s ASCOJET unit for ABB was mounted on a linear drive, with the entire blasting unit, including the nozzle and exhaust system, integrated in a sound insulated enclosure.

The system’s dry ice stream is monitored via a temperature sensor in its gun housing, concealing the blasting process during operation. ASCO supplies dry ice to ABB as required.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Roland Gisin, Operations Manager at ABB, explained “The investment in the ASCOJET technology was the right solution for us,” with ASCO’s Application Technician/Sales Dry Ice Applications José Fernandez adding, “The economic and quality-assuring characteristics of ASCOJET, as well as our focus on individual customer needs, are essential to our success.”