Global technology company ABB has launched a new self-averaging flowmeter, offering a more versatile and cost-effective solution for gas, liquid and steam measurement.

ABB has taken the design of its FPD350 Torbar pitot tube one step further, now featuring an innovative sensor design to help minimise pressure loss.

Abb self averaging flowmeter

Source: ABB

ABB’s FPD350 Torbar provides an economical, low maintenance solution for a wide variety of applications.

Its innovative sensor design uses profiled flat edges to create a fixed separation point of the flow stream and produce a stable pressure area, leading to a more constant flow co-efficient at high velocities across a wide range.

Another key feature is its dual averaging design, enabling improved accuracy. It utilises a pitot tube to measure flow by sensing the difference between the impact pressure of the flow and the static pressure, and with multiple impact-sensing ports across the pipe diameter, it produces an average differential pressure signal proportional to the flow rate.

All Torbar meters feature a four-design of an outer impact tube, an internal averaging tube, low pressure chamber and a head unit with high pressure and low pressure connections. In addition, they can be equipped for bi-directional flow measurement.

The Torbar’s compact form and simple installation set up has been designed to provide an economical, low maintenance solution for applications including flue gases, compressed air, water, and liquids.