Abicor Binzel, a specialist in welding and cutting torch technology, has expanded its national sales repertoire after partnering up with US-based welding equipment supplier Weld Revolution, LLC.

Under the terms of the partnership, of which financial details were not disclosed, Binzel has acquired the rights to market, sell and provide technical support for the SpinArc torch in tandem with Weld Revolution. The deal spans across Canada and the US.

The SpinArc torch is a 400 amp, air-cooled machine torch with a rotating welding wire. It was developed in 2014 and was created to provide a unique solution to a variety of pipe, plate and structural manufacturing needs of the welding and cladding market.

Abicor Binzel Group is headquartered in Buseck, Germany, but is present in over 50 countries, with more than 30 subsidiaries, 20 exclusive sales partners and over 1,000 employees worldwide. It owns two production plants in Germany and has regional manufacturing centres located in the US, Czech Republic, Brazil, India and China.