ABICOR BINZEL announced in October the official release of the ABIROB Cyclone Robotic torch, recently debuted at FABTECH 2017.

The ABIROB Cyclone is a robotic welding torch with endless, 360-degree rotation and a “superior” current transfer that the company says high production operations demand. Cyclone, the evolution of the iconic ABIROB air-cooled torch series, achieves decreased program and cycle time for robot arms with endless clockwise or counterclockwise rotation on the axis-6.

The US-based company said, “The smooth rotation of the wrist insulator means there is no catch on the cable, so cable life is extended. The robust modular design of Cyclone makes maintenance and troubleshooting simple. Minimal amount of tools needed to upkeep the torch. And, with a Tool Center Point match for our existing ABIROB through-arm series on many models, endless rotation conversion is easy with no robot re-programming necessary.”

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