The world’s first collaborative Spool Welding Robot (SWR) is now available for demonstrations in Houston, Texas, robotics company Novarc Technologies and ABICOR BINZEL have announced.

Novarc’s SWR is a semi-automated robotic solution designed for pipe welding, small pressure vessel manufacturing and other 1G welding applications. The collaborative robot utilises a three-axis robotic arm at the end of a long reach manipulator, which increases the dexterity and flexibility of the human operator, improving productivity on the shop floor and reducing costs for the pipe shop.

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Novarc’s SWR collaborative welding robot is currently in operation in the US and Canada, and operations are expanding throughout North America, Europe, and Middle East.

In a statement, both companies explained. “The SWR is designed to modernise the labour-intensive practice of pipe fabrication shops as well as address the global shortage of highly skilled welders. Equipped with a built-in safety system (eliminating the need for hard fencing), SWR users benefit from increased productivity, up to 90 per cent arc-on-time, lower cost-per-joint and improved weld quality.”

The SWR is available for demonstrations at Har-Bach (formerly known as Red Rock USA).

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