BSL Gas Technologies was invited to attend the Medway Business Awards, where its contribution to industry in the area was recognised with a prize awarded to the company out of 60 possible entries.

The Awards celebration was held at the newly opened Dickens World at Chatham Maritime, with BSL selected for a prize amongst more than 60 companies who originally entered. BSL is a UK-based Engineering Design Company specialising in Industrial Mixed Gas Solutions and provides products for a number of industries and applications ranging from food and beverages, to mixed gases in welding operations.

The company has customers who are loyal and innovative and always looking to add new or different ideas to the way they provide solutions to their customers. This means BSL has an involvement right from the early stages to provide a tailor-made solution for its customers.

Managing Director David Blanchard reflected, “BSL have suppliers who are extremely efficient and flexible to the ever increasing demands of modern day engineering and production and they do all they can to help keep us responsive and cost effective. Being quick, innovative and good value are our main aims and many of our suppliers help us in these goals.”

“We also have excellent staff who have huge Engineering experience and who are dedicated to the company and the goals we are all trying to achieve. The personnel are involved and passionate about the business and are key to the success of the company. I would like to thank those that have contributed towards the success of our business.”