Acme Cryogenics Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Craig Benfield as Environmental Health Safety/Facilities Coordinator and Dan Hutchinson as Inside Technical Sales Representative.

Craig Benfield’s responsibilities as Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS)/Facilities Coordinator include maintaining regulatory compliance with all applicable environmental and safety regulations and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. He is also responsible for the maintenance of the facilities and processes.

Previously, Craig worked for Delbar Products Inc, an OEM, Tier I, automotive parts company, as an Environmental/Safety Compliance Engineer for 23 years.

As Inside Technical Sales Representative, Dan Hutchinson is responsible for orders that require design modifications to Acme’s standard products. Previously, Dan had spent 12 years in the Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry in sales and technical support of laboratory and production scale bioreactors and fermentors.

Acme Cryogenics Inc. is an industry leading manufacturer of gas and fluid handling solutions used primarily in the industrial gas, medical, chemical and electronics industries. Acme, along with Quality Cryogenics of Atlanta, LLC operates three East Coast manufacturing facilities.