Cryogenics Experts, Inc. (CEXI), an Acme Cryogenics, Inc. company, has appointed Aswin Sankar as Operations Manager.

Source: Acme Cryogenics

Aswin Sankar

Sankar will have overall commercial and operations responsibility for the Oxnard, California-based facility which manufactures a wide variety of vaporisation equipment. His role will include management of sales, engineering, safety, and administration.

Since joining CEXI in mid-2020, Sankar has established a culture of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement at the Oxnard facility. He gained significant relevant experience from past roles in the aerospace and defense industries where he participated in diverse leadership roles in operations, quality, and supply chain management.

Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Acme announced the acquisition of CEXI two years ago. CEXI designs, engineers, manufactures and installs a full line of vaporisers and accessories for all types of cryogenic and non-cryogenic specialty fluids.

Acme is a designer, manufacturer, and provider of precision-engineered products and field services for the production, distribution, and storage of cryogenic liquids and industrial gases. Acme has customers across the entire industrial gas supply and distribution chain, in end markets such as food packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, medical gas and industrial gas industries.