Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Acme Cryogenics Inc.’s full sales and engineering staff in the US are capable of designing and engineering fabricated systems and services, valve and piping systems, gas blenders and distribution systems and medical gas services, systems and equipment.

Acme‘s specialty gas division concentrates on the development of equipment and systems for the specialty gas marketplace.

The manifolds, valves, gauges, and various other components are highly customisable and integrate seamlessly into most systems.

Acme’s electrical division focuses on improving their current line of electrical controls, alarms and panels and developing new devices to more effectively meet the needs of its growing customer bases.

Quality service & staff
Acme utilises its second location in Allentown, for its CryoMaxx MicroBulk Delivery System manufacturing and for tank and trailer repair/remanufacturing.

This ‘rehab’ facility provides quality cryogenic tank and trailer repair and remanufacturing services to extend the life of existing tanks and trailers, while Acme offers everything needed to configure a complete bulk supply and delivery system.

The repair shop offers full repair and/or replacement services including cosmetic flaws, structural issues, vacuum/insulation, piping, components and factory fresh blast & paint.

Acme’s Field Service team can expertly assist your staff at peak times, or provide a cost-effective way to install and/or maintain your equipment on a full time basis – utilising a full compliment of highly trained and certified (in accordance with NFPA guidelines) field service technicians.

Industries served
For years Acme Cryogenics has served far more than just the welding industry, boasting a product line which includes items specifically designed for applications utilising cryogenic gases.

Acme is also proud to say that it supplies products to the following industries:

Food packaging – Acme has been supplying low cost, high quality food processing equipment for years and understands the specialised needs required when handling foods, ensuring that its equipment is as pure and clean as required by the FDA

Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceutical companies employ a large number of different gases and systems in the creation of their life saving drugs. Acme provides these companies with sanitary grade cryogenic supplies that fulfill requirements for cryogenic equipment in modern labs

Semiconductors – All semiconductor valves, piping and manifolds must be created in an ultra high purity (UHP) environment, a fully functioning UHP welding environment that Acme boasts

Medical – For decades Acme Cryogenics’ Medical Equipment and Facilities Installation and Support has been the choice of major medical facilities and their gas suppliers. In this critical application, where purity and flow is of paramount importance, Acme Cryogenics stands alone

Industrial gases – In every application using industrial gases, Acme’s products and services can be found. Acme continuously provides equipment into the liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and helium markets

Since its inception, Acme Cryogenics has worked hard to improve and modernise the cryogenic gas equipment marketplace, creating new and innovative products and services that have helped make the transportation, storage, and usage of cryogenic gases more cost efficient and effective.

Acme offers its customers the convenience and savings of one-stop shopping for all their equipment needs – providing the products, services and quality to meet even the most demanding requirements.