Acme Cryogenics, Inc. has announced the hiring of William Dukette as Plant Manager for its LSS plant operations.

Dukette, affectionately known as ‘Bill’, is described by the company as ‘a manufacturing visionary with extensive experience in diverse industries and niche market environments’.

He has a proven record of improving operating efficiency and quality, reducing lead times, improving customer service and communications to penetrate new markets. As part of his new responsibilities, Dukette will oversee all LSS staff, tank, trailer, hydrogen tank and helium container rehabilitation and refurbishment.

Previously, Dukette had held the position of plant manager for the Material Sciences Corporation and served as Vice President of Technical Operations at TRUARC Company LLC.

Acme Cryogenics, Inc. is itself an industry leading manufacturer of gas and fluid handling solutions, used primarily in the industrial gas, medical, chemical and electronics industries. Acme, along with Quality Cryogenics of Atlanta, LLC operates three East Coast manufacturing facilities.