Acme Cryogenics' has launched the latest addition to its industrial gas technology, the FillMaxx Flash Loss Reduction System.

The system is used for liquid filling and Acme say it is manufactured to the higher standards. They are trying to tackle a common problem during liquid cylinder filling, that of $quot;flash losses$quot;. These spillages occur when liquids are transferred from containment at a high pressure to containment at a lower pressure and cleaning up is not only time consuming, but also loses valuable product.

The product features a sturdy specification of 1/2$quot; MNPT Steel and 1/4$quot; DD x 0.049 WL Copper Tubing. Acme say this helps to solve the filling problem as FillMaxx finely controls the fill process and reduces product losses, resulting in direct savings to a company's bottom line. The product is adaptable and although it is maximized for argon service, is also available for oxygen and nitrogen service.