CarboHeim, a subsidiary of ACP, to build new CO₂ unit in France.
ACP, a CO₂ producer for the food and beverage sector, is to build a new purification and liquefaction CO₂ unit. The facility will be located on Roquette’s Beinham site in Alsace, France.
Clément Robert, Beinham Site Director, commented, “This partnership fits well in our procedure of the bio refinery model, in the continuity of our two ongoing projects Biomass and Geothermal energy.”
Meanwhile Jan Vansant, General Manager of ACP, responded to plans stating, “There is a double interest for using CO₂ derived from the fermentation of bio ethanol from Roquette: its renewable aspect and ‘bio-CO₂’ assure its durability, while its location in Alsace allows service of the French, German and Benelux markets.”
ACP is currently seeking to extend CO₂ supplies and is investing particular attention in renewable sources. Roquette’s Benheim site generates CO₂ as a subsidiary of ethanol production from plant-based fermentation. The operation is due to commence in spring 2011.