Saudi Arabian utility developer ACWA Power has pledged a contribution of SAR 50m to support national health endeavours and efforts amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said its contribution represents its firm commitment to supporting and collaborating with the governments and official bodies, who are exerting their best efforts to face the crisis and combat its consequences.

“Since the emergence of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, our Saudi leadership has made extraordinary efforts to ensure the health and safety of our country, citizens and residents are safeguarded,” Mohammad Abunayyan, ACWA Power Chairman, said.

“The preventative measures and prompt action taken by the Kingdom to combat the consequences of the pandemic embody a commendable response.”

“In light of the urgency of the matter, we at ACWA Power believe it is crucial to do what we can to support the community and demonstrate our social commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

“ACWA Power is fully aligned with the Saudi Ministry of Health to support its efforts in addressing the repercussions of this global health crisis, and have submitted a proposal to develop and construct a mobile hospital that is fully equipped with the necessary medical tools and equipment.”

“We are cooperating closely with all local authorities in the Kingdom to support their tireless efforts in containing the spread and impact of this pandemic, and have hence volunteered deploying ACWA Power’s human and technical expertise towards the quick establishment of suitable facilities that require the highest standards of security and safety.”

Abunayyan pointed out that the company is in full compliance with the measures taken by the official local authorities, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the 12 countries where the company operates.

ACWA Power is resolute in its efforts to strengthen and support the actions of the official local bodies in those countries and is exploring ways to provide much needed health supplies to ensure community protection and wellbeing.

“We are maintaining an efficient operation of all our plants in Saudi Arabia, and internationally, with the highest standards of safety and security,” Abunayyan confirmed.

“The Covid-19 pandemic necessitates mobilising the expertise and capabilities of the private sector to carry out its duties and responsibilities towards peoples and societies.”

“This is a time for collaboration between the private sector and governments to overcome the impact of the current crisis, contributing effectively to strengthening and enhancing the infrastructure and basic facilities that secure peoples’ lives and the sustainable, economic and social development plans.”