American rocket propulsion business Ad Astra Rocket Company has announced the arrival of Costa Rica’s first hydrogen (H2) fuelled electric passenger bus.

Developed by Ad Astra, and manufactured by Belgium’s Van Hool for US Hybrid Corporation, the bus can travel approximately 338km on 38kg of compressed H2.

Ad Astra said in a statement, “Nyuti has arrived in Costa Rica and can be located in Puerto Limón. Nyuti comes from the indigenous Chorotega language of Guanacaste and it means ‘Star’. The stars are composed mainly of hydrogen.”

“We’re making history in the usage of zero carbon technologies for transportation. This is a collaborative effort thanks to the visionary teams at Air Liquide.”

The bus is the result of the Hydrogen Ecosystem Project’s mission, a public-private partnership between Costa Rica’s public financial institution Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo and four other partners under the leadership of Ad Astra.

These include industrial gas giant Air Liquide, US Hybrid Corporation and Cummins Inc., a US specialist in alternative fuel engines.

The partnership was founded to combine key logistics, expertise and technology to build out the South American country’s carbon-free sustainable ecosystem based on a H2 society.