Rig inspection provider ADC Energy (ADC) – formally Aberdeen Drilling Consultants - is to follow its dominant business performance set in the first half of the year with another win, a contract with a global US-based infrastructure organisation to help accelerate the energy transition through the repurposing of drilling rigs to use liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The contract will involve international engineering teams selecting a range of drilling rigs that may be suitable for repurposing before assessing their design, condition, and operability.

ADC will then advise on the repurposing process in line with industry safety and operating standards, as has already been done with the Maersk Gallant and Maersk Guardian jack up units.

Austin Hay, Director of ADC Energy

Austin Hay, Director of ADC Energy

Source: ADC Energy

Commenting on the company’s ‘diversification strategy’ and how it is set to fulfil a growing demand, Austin Hay, Director, ADC Energy, said that, with the reactivation of stalled projects due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a ‘real demand’ for efficient, fit-for-purpose assets across the energy industry.

He added, “There is also a growing appetite for the repurposing of oil and gas assets for use in the renewable energy sectors and we are perfectly placed to conducted rig inspection and selection surveys to match operator requirements.”

To increase efficiency of its data capture and storage capabilities, ADC’s recently hired data scientists are set to enhance its Technical Rig Audit Management System (TRAMS), a rig inspection tool that identifies threats for unplanned downtime.