Chart has introduced the ADF105™ Automatic Dewar Filling Station, a manual-start, automatic shut-off liquid nitrogen dewar filling station for standard (160 to 240 litre) liquid cylinders (dewars) at the end-user’s site.

The Station uses cryogenic sensors to detect a “full” condition. Once full, the dual cryogenic valves shut off the fill cycle, maintaining the fill pressure inside the liquid cylinder. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations and is designed to fill portable pressurized liquid nitrogen cylinders with a high-pressure feed (150 psi/10.3 bar inlet pressure) from a piping system or a bulk tank.

The ADF105™ Station has a small footprint with easy, single-button operation, and a vent safety interlock. The benefits of this unit include: eliminating waste, increasing employee safety, creating labour efficiencies, and providing exponential cost savings. This unit is ideal for use in hospitals, research facilities, universities, and laboratories.