Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) has added hydrogen fuel cell technology to its range of low and zero emission buses.

The new hydrogen fuel cell bus from ADL has been based on the existing Enviro400 double decker. The new buses will be an addition to ADL’s range of low and zero emission buses and will not replace any existing products. 

ADL, Britain’s biggest bus and coach manufacturer, has been working on a hydrogen powered double decker bus for just over two years and is now taking orders for the product.

“ADL continues to support bus operators across the UK by collaborating to develop new technologies that help achieve environmental and operational targets. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is part of the mix of solutions and we are delighted to now offer this option to the industry,” said Colin Robertson, ADL Chief Executive.

The new bus has been based on the Enviro400 and has been developed through an extensive collaboration between ADL’s in-house Advanced Engineering teams and Arcola Energy.

The hydrogen fuel technology can offer a long range of zero emission capability if suitable infrastructure can be put in place with sustainably sourced hydrogen.

A prototype bus has been through several design iterations to optimise performance and ensure highest stands of regulatory and safety compliance.

The prototype has successfully completed route shadowing trials in several UK cities, delivering what is believed to be the highest efficiency and therefore lowest fuel cost in its class.

Source: Alexander Dennis Limited

ADL hydrogen bus