Denmark-based company Oxymat is optimistic about a new direction of growth for its oxygen generator technology, after a rule change by The European Pharmacopoeia Commission (PhEur).

From what gasworld understands, the monograph (study) for oxygen 93% was adopted by the commission at the 136th Session of the PhEur in Strasbourg, France, in March 2010.

Along with a number of other monographs either created or revised, the oxygen 93% study came into effect on 1st April 2011. According to a news item on the website of Oxymat, with 93% oxygen now accepted this could present big opportunities for medical oxygen PSA plants.

The change means that oxygen generators complying with the rules are now allowed on European Hospitals. This gives exciting new opportunities to sell not only to the European Market, but also to other geographical areas traditionally following the European legislations, Oxymat claims.

The company has therefore launched an R&D programme that will utilise its technology in a medical package not seen on the market before. Oxymat intends to use the Medica Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany this November to launch its new product line, which will include a dual generator system with back up cylinder lines, monitoring and control all three oxygen sources, Remote Access and Control via LAN, Internet or radio solution, and a central monitor with traceability of oxygen purity, dew point, flow, CO and CO2 and remaining pressure on back up battery.

Oxymat has also started its own production of filling ramps and high pressure filling systems, ensuring that the company can customise its systems to a customer’s specific needs.

Medica 2011, regarded as the world’s largest medical trade fair, will take place in Düsseldorf from 16th – 19th November, with two thirds of the visitors expected to be attending from abroad.