Cyl-Tec Inc, the leading US supplier of cylinders, services and accessories, has announced that it has now added ultrasonic scanning technology to its cylinder testing and compliance operations to advance its level of productivity and quality.

Determining whether cylinders are free of defects has long been dependent on the human eye, but Cyl-Tec has been using hydrotesting equipment for years and has now added the new scanning technology to its operations.

The best ultrasonic scanning systems use immersion technology to ultrasonically inspect high-pressure gas cylinders and this is key to the process, because immersion is recognised to be the best way to transmit ultrasound and deal with cylinder irregularities.

Jim Bennett, president of Cyl-Tec, said, “Using ultrasonic scanning, Cyl-Tec is advancing the procedures by which we test cylinders to make the process run more efficiently and effectively, which helps us ensure that our customers’ cylinders meet or surpass all compliance standards.”

While Bennett acknowledges that ultrasonic scanning systems “provide a more thorough inspection” overall, Cyl-Tec continues to hydrostatically test some cylinders as this is the most appropriate system for these products.