Rapid progress and innovations in technology have furthered development in the fuel cell industries and the infrastructure to support them, resulting in viable fuel cell power generation across a wide range of sectors.

This progress will be reflected at the Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium 2007, where the advances in a number of application areas will be explored, including transportation, commercial and industrial stationary fuel cells, consumer electronics and micro fuel cells, and fuels for fuel cell applications.

With over 400 delegates, the Grove Symposium has grown to become the largest and most comprehensive fuel cell event in Europe. At this year’s event, there will be over 100 exhibitors, a 3 day conference programme and a number of live fuel cell demonstrations.

As part of the live demonstrations, a variety of fuel cell powered vehicles, portable, stationary and micro fuel cell products will be on display at the exhibition and visitors will be able to take a look at the technology applied to these vehicles, while discussing key issues with the developers and engineers involved. During the event, visitors will also be able to meet the leading developers of fuel cell systems and suppliers of component products and services, while the opportunity to meet and discuss current issues with an array of industry insiders will be another feature of this year’s symposium.

Among the plethora of topics covered during the 3 day event, there will be a review of the technological developments across the range of fuel cell types, an analysis of future prospects and implications, an exploration into the impact of government policies, legislation and incentives and much more. There will also feature a display from classic car manufacturer Morgan, showcasing its prototype LIFECar fuel cell-powered, environmentally friendly sports car.

Sponsored by Johnson Mathey and with gasworld named as one of a number of official Media Partners, the conference and exhibition will host a number of key delegates, speakers and figures synonymous with the fuel cell industries. These include, Professor Gary Acres as honorary president of the Grove Steering Committee, and Raffaele Liberali in his position as director of energy for the European Commission among many others.

The Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium 2007, titled Fuel Cells in a Changing World will take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster in London, UK, 25th to 27th September 2007.