Linde Process Plants, Inc. (LPP) will discuss their approach to standardisation of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants at the DUG Midcontinent Conference and Exhibition. 

The conference will be held at the Cox Convention Center on 24-26 February, 2015, as part of a conference series produced by Hart Energy that is focused on developing unconventional oil and gas resources.  

LPP, a member of the Linde Engineering Division of The Linde Group, is a global leader in the growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas liquids (NGL) markets.  LPP will showcase their standard NGL plant (STANDARD-PLUS™), which was designed to provide the same high recoveries, low energy consumption, and rapid transition between ethane recovery and ethane rejection as their custom NGL plant (CRYO-PLUS™). 

LPP will also highlight their “Star family” of LNG solutions.  The Star family includes solutions from mini to large-scale LNG opportunities.  As part of the “Star family”, Linde has developed a technology that integrates LNG production into NGL recovery plants.   StarLNGL™ takes advantage of existing cryogenic conditions in the NGL plant to efficiently make LNG while also increasing NGL production.  The addition of StarLNGL™ increases customer’s profit and secures a leading place in the LNG market.   

To learn more about these exciting offerings, participants can visit LPP at booth #301. Representatives will be available to explain the technology and benefits of standardisation and integration.