Applied Energy Systems (AES), a provider of high and ultra-high purity (UHP) gas systems, services and solutions, has announced the acquisition of Advanced Research Manufacturing (ARM), Inc., a specialty provider of gas purification systems based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

ARM, Inc. has been manufacturing high and UHP gas purifiers and gas handling equipment for 20 years and boasts a worldwide installed base of point-of-use, microbulk and bulk gas purifiers.

A long-time leader in the manufacturing of high and UHP gas and liquid delivery systems, ARM’s portfolio of solutions will now be offered through AES to supplement and further expand its gas delivery equipment offerings and bring new benefits to customers seeking quality gas handling solutions.

For AES, whose systems and services include design, manufacturing, testing, installation, and expert field services, the acquisition represents the perfect fit in specialty gas equipment. Steve Buerkel, President of Applied Energy Systems, explained, “ARM brings getter, catalyst, and absorber purification technology to Applied Energy Systems that will complement our existing product offerings, allowing AES to provide a more complete and unique solution at a very competitive price.”

AES introduces new line of specialty gas equipment

ARM, Inc.’s UHP gas purifiers and associated gas handling equipment is used across the industrial, semiconductor, energy, medical and pharmaceutical markets both in the US and internationally – the same verticals where AES has a proven track record of enabling safe, precise gas delivery. Jim Murphy, General Manager of AES, added, “There is already a great deal of synergy between the AES and ARM teams in terms of our knowledge of gas handling requirements for innovative processes and applications.”

“ARM’s products are a natural extension of our equipment offerings, and together we’ll offer customers our collective expertise to benefit their projects – whether they require gas purification or gas delivery solutions, or both.”

Brian Warrick, ARM, Inc.’s Director of Technology, also reflected, “With AES’ and ARM’s combined resources, the research of new technologies and subsequent development of new products can occur at a more rapid pace. This will enable us to efficiently add to ARM’s existing portfolio of offerings that include purifiers as well as field engineering support.”