Applied Energy Systems (AES) has introduced the GigaGuardTM GSM-VTM controller to replace the GSM-5TM gas safety monitor.

The new controller is part of the company’s SEMI-GAS® line of ultra-high purity gas delivery systems and has been modernised with a 7” colour touchscreen interface as well as an EtherCAT PLC-based control system. The device is also optimised for hassle-free, drop-in replacement by customers to easily upgrade AT-Plus series gas source systems that currently use the GSM-5.

Dave Stetz, Chief Engineer of R&D Controls Technology at AES, says, “Our customers have been asking for a modern alternative to the microprocessor-based GSM-5 controller, and our controls engineering team has delivered it with the GSM-V.”

Stez continued, “The addition of a touchscreen, PLC-based control system and expansion options make it simpler to programme, operate, and configure for each customers’ unique environment. Not only is the GSM-V superior to the GSM-5 in its gas safety monitoring capabilities, but it takes customers just minutes to make the replacement. It is designed to ‘plug and play’ so that with a few steps, they can immediately start experiencing the benefits of these new features.”

GigaGuard GSM-V controller

GigaGuard GSM-V controller

Source: Applied Energy Systems