Applied Energy Systems (AES) has partnered with a leading global tooling provider to supply several of its international manufacturing sites with bulk specialty gas delivery systems supporting chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating processes.

Varying configurations of AES’ SEMI-GAS® Megaturion™ MegaCyl Bulk Specialty Gas Systems are being built to suit the specific high-volume gas handling requirements involved in those processes at each facility.

Megaturion™ MegaCyl systems are engineered to safely and continuously deliver ultra high purity gases for high flow gas applications that require the automatic switchover of two or more process cylinders. MegaCyl gas systems can be flexibly configured as multi-cylinder gas cabinets or rack mount systems to dispense a variety of hazardous process gases at high sustained flow rates. AES is tapping into the proven quality of the MegaCyl offering, which is part of its premium SEMI-GAS® brand line, and custom-configuring the systems to meet the tooling company’s distinct specifications for each manufacturing facility. The systems will include:

  • · An ergonomically positioned GigaGuard™ PLC controller with a 9” color touchscreen equipped with pressure and excess flow monitoring, data logging, and Ethernet capabilities. 
  • · Fully automatic switchover and purging capabilities to reduce operator interaction time and risk.
  • · Flexible configurations to meet each facility’s process requirements, including various 4, 5, 6, and 7 cylinder bank systems.
  • · An external purge panel for easy access to purge gas cylinders.
  • · A SEMI S2 certified design and helium leak testing system validation to 1×10-9 atm-cm3/sec.

“Processes that support newer technologies require higher gas flow rates than ever before, and our MegaCyl bulk gas delivery systems provide a proven yet flexible solution for innovative manufacturers to leverage,” said Jim Murphy, General Manager of Applied Systems. “We are excited to act as a partner to a world leader in engineered component manufacturing, and to deliver equipment that helps power their process innovations on a global scale.”

Aes semi gas megaturion mega cyl

Source: Applied Energy Systems