Applied Energy Systems (AES) has released its SEMI-GAS® Nanoturion™ Valve Manifold Box for Dichlorosilane (DCS) to support semiconductor process equipment manufacturing and related applications.

The premier fully automatic system includes manifold heat tracing and a standalone wall-mounted heater controller to enable multi-zone heat capabilities for stabilizing the high flow rates and delivery pressures required for vaporizing and delivering DCS. The system’s inlet header and various stick zones are independently controlled to support separate process, tool, or experiment gas supplies.

This specialized Nanoturion™ valve manifold box is equipped with a GigaGuard™ GSM Fully Automatic Controller, which includes a color touchscreen interface for intuitive operator control and the ability to automate sequences for streamlined operations and maintenance. The controller features Ethernet communications, exhaust pressure monitoring, and user-configured set limits, warnings, and alarms.

aes nanturion fully automatic vmb

Source: Applied Energy Systems

Jim Murphy, General Manager of AES, said, “We realized that given the proliferation of DCS as one of the most widely-used specialty gases in semiconductor fabs, a system tailored specifically to DCS handling requirements was needed.”

“This Nanoturion Fully Automatic Valve Manifold Box is tailored to uphold the highest standards of safety while also giving operators programmable and independent control to supply DCS to different processes – enabling the flexibility that supports rapid innovation.”