Applied Energy Systems (AES), provider of high and ultra high purity (UHP) gas systems, services, and solutions, is showcasing the capabilities of its SEMI-GAS® Xturion™ Blixer™ to support various processes that require forming gas mixtures.

The Blixer™ provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive pre-mixed gas cylinders by enabling operators to blend their own mixtures on-site in their facility.

The UHP gas mixing blender is used by customers across a diverse range of industries to uniformly mix hydrogen and nitrogen concentrations in customisable ratios that meet their distinct process requirements. Mixtures can be adjusted in real-time via the system’s GigaGuard™ PLC Controller, which features a 9” Siemens colour touchscreen for intuitive operation, allowing the user to fine-tune formulations on demand.

This makes the system particularly appealing for high volume applications, eliminating the need to stock a variety of pre-mixed forming gas concentrations, decreasing the frequency of cylinder change-outs, reducing tool downtime, increasing productivity, and ultimately providing the end-user with a significant cost savings.

The Blixer™ system is designed to provide a continuous flow of precise gas blends and includes a static mixing tube and surge/mixing tank to address dynamic flow changes and effectively maintain mix tolerances. It is also equipped with a Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Gas Analyser, featuring auto-calibration capability and a low flow alarm, to ensure +/- 1% blending accuracy.

“We have found the Blixer™ to be especially beneficial to customers using forming gas mixtures because it gives them flexibility to custom-blend hydrogen/nitrogen concentrations in the exact ratios they desire – instead of investing in expensive pre-mixed cylinders that still may not be precisely mixed to their unique process requirements,” said Greg Havrilla, Technical Inside Sales Engineer for AES.

“The system’s value spans industries,” he added. “We’ve seen it support laser-based technology development, semiconductor fabrication, electrically-powered vehicle manufacturing, sustainable energy solutions, and a variety of industrial manufacturing applications. Its flexibility is reflected in its ability to satisfy a range of process-driven demands.”