AFC Energy, an industrial fuel cell power company, has successfully delivered gross electrical output in excess of 200kW at its KORE fuel cell power plant in Stade, Germany.

The UK-based company’s KORE system converts hydrogen (H2) into ‘clean’ electricity, for large-scale use in industrial applications.

In the trial, which concluded on 31st January, 200kW of power was produced from the fuel cell system and it was the first time all three tiers of the KORE fuel cell system operated in parallel with each other to successfully dispatch power into the German power grid.

The trials successfully demonstrated that the AFC fuel cells can exceed their name plate capacity of individual 10kW cartridges. Typically operating within the KORE against a design rating of 10kW per stack, this trial actually produced 83.3kW of power from a single tier, after previously producing 80kW.

This improvement follows a significant adjustment of design parameters in an extensive work programme on the individual 101 fuel cell stack, which took place over the past two months.

AFC are now testing the second generation of its fuel cell system by developing and optimising its design. It will focus on maintaining power output whilst also further enhancing the system’s efficiency and availability. Results are expected to be released later in the year.

Adam Bond, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer, said “As a company, we’ve come an extraordinary distance over the past 12 months and today marks a significant milestone achievement, most importantly being the delivery of a fuel cell stack which has generated in excess of its nameplate capacity of 10kW. Today marks a significant step forward, demonstrating further de-risking of our technology and validates the decision in December 2014 to accelerate the deployment of AFC’s KORE fuel cell system.” 

As a result, fuel cell production at AFC’s facilities increased 1,112% from 2014 to 2015.