Industrial fuel cell power company, AFC Energy, announced that it has completed Milestone 4 of its 2016 strategic milestones ahead of schedule.

The design and basic engineering of the company’s new 10kW fuel cell system including accompanying balance of plant (BoP), has now been accomplished in a shorter timeframe than originally planned.

This achievement included a thorough examination of all safety aspects and functions of the system using the Hazard Operability (HAZOP) methodology – a systematic examination of a complex process or operation.

A detailed engineering and procurement phase will now begin in order to ensure that the system will be deployable before the year is out, as originally stipulated in Milestone 4.

Adam Bond, CEO of the UK-based business, outlined, “Delivery of the small-scale system’s basic engineering in such a tight timeframe is further validation of the decision to collaborate with our strategic partner, plantIng, and moves the company further along the path towards commercialisation.”

AFC Energy unveiled its eight strategic milestones in March 2016 which are split into three categories: Fuel cell stack and BoP, product development and commercial opportunities. They all seek to build on the accelerated technology development that was achieved in 2015 and to provide clarity over the company’s expected outcomes for the remainder of the year.