AFC Energy extends presence into European power market at the Covestro industrial park Brunsbüttel

AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce it is expanding its position into the German power market following commencement of engineering works for the deployment of an initial 1MW proprietary fuel cell system at the Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel, owned by the Covestro Deutschland AG (Covestro).

Preliminary engineering work commenced in Brunsbüttel, Germany, on the 6th April 2017 with representatives from Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science), planting GmbH and AFC Energy present.

The engineering work is being led by AFC Energy and is framed around the installation of an initial 1MW alkaline fuel cell system as the Brunsbüttel site with hydrogen (H2) sourced from Covestro’s H2 grid. Power generated would be sold into the local power grid under long term power purchase agreements. Proximity of the company’s fuel cell system to the H2 source also offers the potential to materially expand the project in due course.

This scheme is consistent with AFC Energy’s focus on partnering with large energy intensive industrial partners to utilise surplus industrial grade H2 from localised facilities to generate long-term, clean power with a resultant reduction in environmental greenhouse emissions.

Importantly, work conducted in recent months at AFC Energy to demonstrate acceptance of lower industrial grade H2 in the fuel cell, together with the material improvements evidenced in fuel cell longevity, power output and stack design, are all critical to the initiation of this project. It further validates the importance of these technical breakthroughs for AFC Energy in advancing commercial deployment opportunities.

The engineering work underway includes assessment of:

· The utilisation of H2 from Covestro ́s H2 sources to generate an initial 1MW of power using AFC Energy’s fuel cell systems; 

· Potential further expansion of the fuel cell plant into a larger-scale commercial installation and power output therefrom; and 

· Integration of the Company’s fuel cell system with other innovative third party technologies

 The review will be conducted over several months with input from all partners. 

Adam Bond, AFC Energy’s CEO, said, “AFC Energy is pleased to strengthen our position in the German power market at Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel. Covestro and AFC Energy have been in dialogue for much of 2016 with regards the potential siting of an AFC Energy fuel cell system at the Brunsbüttel facility, one of the largest of Covestro’s 30 industrial parks around the world, and we hope to see this relationship extend over many years and be a catalyst that will drive momentum behind fuel cell deployment not only in Germany, but also the rest of Europe.”