AFC Energy, the industrial fuel cell power company, is pleased to announce that it has received its second and final Building Permit from the Stade building and urban development authorities in Lower Saxony, Germany.

This is important as it allows the company to conclude construction of what will be the world’s largest industrial alkaline fuel cell facility.

This final stage building permit follows the First Partial Building Permit, announced to the market on 26 March 2015. Now it has been received, this final building permit will allow AFC and its contractors to erect all above ground infrastructure including the industrial steel frame building to house the KORE fuel cell system, all storage tanks, piping, connection points and ancillary above ground equipment.

Over the past few months, the final permitting review and approval process has been undertaken in parallel with early phase construction works with concrete being poured this week on the site, on top of the installed piled foundations and reinforcement base structure.

The final building permit has afforded approvals to AFC’s:

  • Civil engineering drawings
  • Plant specifications and process description of operations
  • Updated building structural load calculations and geotechnical survey results
  • Landowner approvals, including lease and access to site contracts
  • Approvals of other relevant state of Saxony departments on submitted documents, in 
addition to the Stade building planning authorities, as regards industrial Health and Safety, fire protection, emissions and noise level studies.

This permit allows AFC to proceed with:

  • Erection of the industrial steel frame building
  • Erection of Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) tank, vaporiser and re-heater installation
  • Hydrogen supply pipework
  • Medium voltage grid connection substation
  • Chemicals and product water tanks
  • Above ground piping, electrical and control and instrumentation connections
  • Ancillary structures and support work for the above

Adam Bond, AFC’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Receipt of the final building permit from the Stade consenting authorities will now allow us to conclude our construction activities over the next few weeks and reinforces the company’s confidence in delivering an accelerated timeline for initial power generation from the KORE system in July 2015.”