Following recent research of the South African welding market, Afrox has identified four different welding market segments and keen to capitalise on the opportunities ahead, has begun to launch different product packages to suit each segment.

Afrox identified the four welding segments as the DIY sector; light industrial; SMEs in the general structural engineering and fabrication; and the traditional high-end fabrication segments.

To capitalise on the opportunities, Afrox has begun to launch different product packages designed to specifically suit the needs of each identified market segment, the Afrox website explains.

Afrox, the South African presence of the global Linde group, has long been the market leader in the local welding industry, particularly in the high-end market and the medium to heavy fabrication segments where welding is a critical process and relatively well understood.

In response, Afrox has launched an array of products and services to cater for these newly identified welding sectors.