Air Products SA is fast establishing itself as a leader in employer responsibility.

In a bid to enhance the safety and security of its drivers, the company has installed DriveCam across its fleet of trucks. The system records and monitors the causes of bad driving.

Distribution Manager of Air Products South Africa, Donovan O’Grady, has noted driving behaviour has improved and accident rates lower since DriveCam’s introduction. He explained, “Through DriveCam, Air Products has been able to reduce accidents by highlighting undesirable driver behaviour. It has improved driver understanding and performance through review of the recorded incidents. A driver can also manually record unusual occurrences he feels necessary towards providing feedback following a trip.”

The device is fitted on the vehicle windscreen and is made-up of a video-recording unit with two cameras; one focused internally to the cabin and the other externally towards the road. Footage is recorded for eight seconds, two seconds prior to an event and six seconds after.

O’Grady added, “The system is triggered either manually by the driver, or automatically in the event of some kind of sudden movement or jolt, such as taking a hard corner, braking suddenly, or a collision.”

A challenging drive

Air Products describes its drivers as ‘operators’ all of which are subject to an intensive cryogenic driving programme, bi-annual evaluations and written tests. According to the South African division of the global industrial gas chain, the DriveCam is another step to improving this training.

O’Grady explained, “It allows us to immediately address bad driving habits and techniques. The data is uploaded via a cell phone connection to the company’s data centre, and is immediately available for scrutiny.”

“Being monitored in this way, when they need it, has changed the attitude of our drivers,” continued O’Grady. “And the results speak for themselves: fewer accidents and the added benefit of a reduction in fuel consumption.”