Air Products South Africa has demonstrated its enduring commitment to providing security of supply to industry, by assisting a local vehicle manufacturer, when the plant experienced a recent shortage in gas supply.

Air Products, which manufactures, supplies and distributes a wide range of speciality gases for an even wider range of industries, is a long-time supplier of liquid argon to the motor manufacturer.

Liquid argon, a composite of argon and carbon dioxide is used by the motor manufacturer for all its welding applications, for both aluminium and stainless steel.

Pierre Fourie, Air Products’ Areas Sales Manager in Eastern Cape said, “We have had an ongoing and very successful supply relationship with this manufacturer and lately have been able to step in, on a few occasions, and assist with supply at their plant, at very short notice.”

He recalls: “Any delay in production entails huge costs, so in a recent situation where supply was urgently required, we immediately arranged two argon Maxitanks, as well as a technician to assist with the relocation of the reticulating system.”

“The plant was back up and running that same day, with minimal down time,”

Security of supply is just one aspect of Air Products’ composite service offering.

Sizwe Nkonde, General Manager of Packaged Gases at Air Products said, “A big part of our service to the motor manufacturing industry is around safety.  In this regard, we advise the company on safety issues and concerns, we do risk assessments and we follow a rigorous training program for our technicians.”

The company’s maintenance program helps to bolster safety levels – as inspection of and maintenance on all Air Products equipment is carried out on a bi-annual basis.

Air Products’ service includes a 24-hour stand-by technician for assistance with the reticulation system on site, as well as all equipment, which includes two bulk vessels, two vaporisers and a mixing panel. 

“We are committed to delivery that’s on time, every time,” says Nkonde. “We like our customers to depend on our reliable service even during times of gas shortages.” 

“Air Products takes pride in the fact that we can react quickly and innovatively to any supply issue when needed. It all boils down to regular communication and having a close understanding of our customers’ exact needs,” he added.