Dubai-based Brothers Gas has launched its MCG (Metal Cutting Gas) fuel gas, claiming that it ‘out produces’ acetylene for cutting, brazing and heating, at a fraction of the cost.

Green all the way; MCG is cited as an alternative energy source for cutting, brazing, welding & heating industry by the Al Ghurair Trading Group-owned company.

According to Brothers Gas, MCG has been able to address the up most concern; health and safety of staff directly or indirectly exposed to the hazardous nature of gases emitted during the course of the burning of oxy-acetylene mixture for metal cutting, welding & brazing operations.

A 100lbs cylinder of MCG provides over five times the BTUs of a standard 5 cu.m3 acetylene cylinder, while costing less and with superior high temperature, high heat content.

MCG increases flame temperatures by 15% over straight other fuel gases, the company claims, reaching flame temperatures of 5400°F with a powerful catalyst creating a hotter flame and more complete combustion.

MCG supplies are available from Brothers Gas in both cylinder form and bulk supply, and has previously been supplied in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is, however, working with partners in different countries and aims to supply MCG outside of the UAE in the Gulf, Middle East, Africa, the Far East and other regions, from third quarter 2011.