A new state-of-the-art freezer available in South Africa through Afrox has been announced – and the company has stated it’s the best in the world.

State-of-the-art Cryoline® CW multi-purpose cryogenic freezing technology, available in South Africa through Afrox, combines flexibility and versatility to freeze a large variety of meat and seafood products in IQF (individually quick frozen) or non-IQF format in a single freezer unit.

“This freezer is the newest and most advanced tool worldwide for boosting productivity and yield in freezing lines,” says Afrox’s Hendrik Pretorius. “Cryogenic freezing technology represents a hi-tech departure from the traditional approach of mechanically freezing food products on a conveyor belt, or immersing them directly into a pool of liquid nitrogen.  Instead, this technology freezes free-flowing IQF products by completely surrounding them with a stream of high-velocity cold vapour.”

During mechanical freezing, food products tend to freeze slowly as a result of operating temperature limitations. Slow freezing can damage food products, as the process could destroy cells in the food portion. By comparison, cryogenic freezing is up to four times faster than mechanical freezing and results in smaller ice crystallisation. Because the water inside and outside the cells freezes at the same rate, the cells remain intact and the food keeps its freshness, flavour and texture.

Afrox’s value proposition in this arena comprises equipment rental and gas supply associated with the leading cryogenic freezing technology being developed by its parent company, The Linde Group.

“Being a part of The Linde Group and having access to its world-leading freezer technology allows us to offer South African food companies the broadest range and diversity of cryogenic freezers in the local market,” says Pretorius. “This diversity is important, because each production facility is unique. Working with an applications engineer, we’re able to tailor cryogenic freezing systems that meet the actual and future needs of each customer. Our offering includes operator training and ongoing technical support.”