Africa’s Afrox is expanding its existing Porta Cylinder range to target new business opportunities.

Building on the Portapak range, well known in the industry and used by South Africans for generations, Afrox is extending the range by introducing a welding and associated shielding gases offer, to meet the requirements of light manufacturing industry and DIY users alike. 

The new Porta range comprises PortaTIG, shielding gas for TIG welding, PortaShield, an argon-based shielding gas for MIG welding and the current PortaPak oxygen and acetylene.

“Our Porta range of cutting and welding gases comes in small lightweight cylinders  designed not only to offer portability and flexibility, but also ideally suited to be used in conjunction with Afrox’s Porta range of  MIG and TIG welding machines, currently also being launched  into the local market,” says Afrox’s Henry Boshoff. “The Porta range of gas cylinders has a water capacity of between 5,8 & 6 litres and weighs less than 8kg.”

“These compact cylinders offer superior flexibility when moving welding machines around the workshop, taking them on the road or when working at heights. These cylinders are an ideal accessory for emergency and maintenance vehicles.”

Afrox offers an all-inclusive price for any cylinder in the convenient and cost effective Porta gas range, which means that there is no need to open an account and that there are no monthly rental costs. Porta gas products are sold by means of a once-off non-refundable service and maintenance fee. This ensures that statutory maintenance and safety inspections of the cylinders are conducted and that every time an empty cylinder is exchanged for a full one, end users are assured of a safe and fully maintained product.

“The new Porta Cylinder range, PortaTig and PortaShield, incorporates the same valves as its larger brothers, so there’s no need to purchase additional or different regulators. This feature allows larger users to make us of the Porta gas range without significant changes or modifications to their operations,” adds Boshoff.

The PortaPak® oxygen and dissolved acetylene cylinders are compatible with Afrox’s PortaPak welding and cutting set that has been a light industry stalwart since it was first introduced in 1981, with unmatched versatility and applicability.  In a similar same way, the PortaShield cylinder, although also marketed independently, is compatible with Afrox’s Transarc® 180P PortaMIG welding machines, a handy portable welder that harnesses inverter based technology and is suitable for use with any other MIG welding machine.

“The Porta gas range of products is the result of extensive research and market analysis, which led to the development of more portable range of gases meeting the needs of a niche sector in the market,” concludes Boshoff.

Afrox has a century-long reputation for innovation and excellence in gases, machinery and consumables. Quality for consistency is what Afrox shielding gases offer. Formulated to enhance productivity through a unique combination of weldability, weld quality and faster welding speeds. With Afrox welding gases your output will increase, as your rejects decrease.