The Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference, globally also the third largest mining conference, and Africa’s largest mining event.

The Indaba brings together a vast array of key stakeholders from around the world - individuals, companies and global decision-makers who are vested in mining on the African continent.

Air Products South Africa is no exception. With ongoing supply relationships with some of South Africa’s largest mines, including gold, platinum, uranium, iron ore and coal, the company is looking forward to attending the 2014 African Mining Indaba in February.

“The African Mining Indaba provides an essential global perspective on trends in mining in South Africa and on the African continent. Our involvement in the mining industry goes back more than forty years, and we make it a priority to keep abreast of developments and opportunities in this very dynamic and critical industry,” says Josua le Roux, General Manager – Central Services at Air Products South Africa.

Air Products supplies the mining industry with oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen through pipeline, on-site supply plants and by tanker delivery in both gaseous and liquid form. The company works closely with each customer to determine the most cost-effective mode of supply, based on volume, usage patterns, and purity or pressure requirements.

Industrial gases, which offer a variety of applications in mining and mining research, are primarily used to facilitate enhanced efficiency in the extraction and refining processes.

“Industrial gases can be regarded as an unsung hero in the mining environment,” comments le Roux.

“Without them, many mining processes would grind to a halt. We are proud of our track record when it comes to the reliable and safe delivery of gases to a range of mining and extraction operations. We see our attendance at the upcoming African Mining Indaba 2014 as essential to maintaining the strong relationships we have established with our customers in the industry, and we look forward to forging new ones.”