Afrox has won a gas equipment export contract from its sister company, BOC Europe, to export gas equipment to the United Kingdom. The contract with BOC is for the full range of gas equipment such as welding and cutting torches, nozzles and tips, regulators and accessories.

Afrox general manager of welding production, Wayne Lee, said the company had succeeded in acquiring more than 40 percent of the Australian gas equipment market and had also penetrated markets in New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, Latin America and Canada prior to its success in the United Kingdom.

\\$quot;This latest contract, for the supply of 150 Afrox designed and manufactured devices to be sold through BOC's Tradequip outlets, was won against two European competitors,\\$quot; Lee said.

Sales of Afrox gas equipment have doubled since the company started exporting despite the sustained appreciation of the Rand during this period.

\\$quot;Although the strong Rand has impacted upon us, we have managed to continue to grow our market share globally and also to realise real profits,\\$quot; Lee said.

The contract will boost demand from Afrox's Germiston factory by 20 percent and follows successful export drives in over 20 countries.

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